Monday, January 10, 2011

365 Challenge

So, for the third year in a row I am going to attempt the 365 challenge. The basics of this is posting 1 photo a day, every day for a year. The logistics of it seem simple but I continuously seem to fall flat once the term gets going and I get enthralled in my class.

I have a couple of aims this year. One being to improve my photography skills and the second to really utilise my iPhone camera to find everyday occurrences to take photos of. Between these two aims I think this year I can do it. I'm finding that having a really good camera with me consistently is making this task much easier. I've been keeping up with the project365 app for over a month now, which is great!

As part of this challenge I've been playing around with lots of apps and websites that offer the versatility to help me complete this challenge.

The 365project app: a fantastic design that is simple and easy to use. If this app allowed for web commenting I would be sticking with it in a heartbeat. I love the web template that offers the photos in a calendar format with a lightbox window to view images larger. Here's my Project 365 site: heymilly.

Tumblr: this is another one that I would continue using but unfortunately it has one major drawback - it's inability to easily enable and leave comments. After research it seems I can use disqus to set up on my tumblr but after a bit of playing I still couldn't get it to work the way it was supposed to on my template. This is a pain as the tumblr iPhone app is easy to use, great layout and makes it simple. The same applies to the tumblr website. But alas - I would like feedback in this journey so at the moment that's a no go. Here's my tumblr site: heymilly.

Blogspot: has been my blog of choice for a while now. But unfortunately I can't seem to find a great iPhone app that is going to make this easy to happen. Any suggestions gladly accepted!

Posterous: this seems to be becoming the choice of app/website for a lot of 365ers but I'm a bit wary of signing up to more sites to post to. In saying that I'll be watching the growing posterous crowd to see how this goes.

And so... it takes me back to my original photosharing website...

Flickr: This seems to be the choice that I'm going with for now. I can upload via the web and my iPhone with ease. Images can be easily linked to the right tag or group using the free Flickit app. It also allows me to create and utilise the flickr community through my account that I already have. The commenting section is exceptionally easy to use and I can set certain photos to family or friends only privacy settings to maintain privacy for some of my friends or family. The layout isn't flashy and I can't set a cool template (which I'm a giant sucker for!) but it seems to tick a lot of boxes for what I want at the moment. Here's my flickr 365 folder: heymilly.


AllanahK said...

iBlogger will do it. You have to pay for it in iTunes but it allows you to blog to Blogger on your phone. I have tried and it does work.


keamac said...

Love your Day 9 photo - the colours, the light, the angle - very effective. I figured I'd comment here and then you'd still have feedback :)

Dragon09 said...

Well. I kinda like your Jan 8th pic. What with it being my birthday and the pic being so awe-inspiring. Well done. Keep it up! That's the trick.

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