Sunday, December 12, 2010

Capture180 Camera

Found this today in my reader and it is on my photography want list big time!

The Capture180 by Lucas Ainsworth has a fish eye lens that captures a full 180 degree image. The 2 things I love the most about this camera are it's door lens and it's ability to 'knock out' an image.

The door lens allows the camera to act normally but also as a tripod for taking a photo. It also means that shorties like me can gain an extra bit of height in the crowd to take photos!

Capture180 has an ability to 'knock out' of the image. So once you select the image you want you can tap the camera and it creates a window view of the image. As you move the camera around it's like being able to view parts of a much larger image. Check out the video to understand this idea better.

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