Friday, July 20, 2012

EduCamp Akl - 21st July

Tomorrow - or today - depending when you are reading this is EduCamp Auckland 2012.  If it is Saturday the 21st July and you are reading this... it is not too late!

This is the 5th year of EduCamp Auckland and having attended from the start I can honestly say that every year exceeds the year before.  More people attend, meaning more conversations and connections are created.  Whether you can come for the whole day or just an hour... I promise you will meet some like minded people and learn something fantastic!

Head down to Stonefields School in Mt Wellington to join in with EduCamp.  It's a unique and vibrant unconference - where nothing is set in timetables and the conference is connected and created by the participants on the day.  It's a tremendous day of conversations, connections and learning.

So - come meet and make connections with some like minded, passionate and inspiring people.

Stonefields School
10am - 3pm

To find out more information click here for the EduCamp Wikispace.

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