Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Booktalk - Creating Success Criteria

We started the process by utilising their prior knowledge of the genre of reviews. We discussed all the elements that make a good review, what would they want to read or know in a review?

The important elements included:
* Setting of the book
* It's interesting - makes you want more!
* Makes sense
* Author/Title
* Characters
* Plot
* Catchy introduction
* A rating system

We then used these elements to create a review plan that was a checklist for all the things we would expect to see in a book review. This was then created in Kidspiration (mind mapping software) so that it could be saved for students to use when planning their reviews.

Success criteria for our reviews was then developed with the students. As a group they discussed all the things they would expect to see in a good review. They also took into consideration that the 2 digital tools we are planning to use (glogster and garagband podcast) for our first round are different due to the written and oral presentation styles and factored this into the success criteria:

The next step was creating their rating system.

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