Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365ers to RSS

These are some NZ 365ers that you can follow if you are interested in seeing a year through their eyes!

Teachernz - http://teachernz.com/

Allanahk - http://allanahk.posterous.com/

Cheesy - http://summerland365photoaday.blogspot.com/

Chrissy - http://www.teachingsagittarian.com/photography/

Keamac - http://365kea.blogspot.com/

Barbs1 - http://barbspix.posterous.com/

Dragonsinger - http://kiwijoe365.blogspot.com/

Jane - http://daybydaybyjane.blogspot.com/

If you've got a 365 project happening please add it in the comment section!

1 comment:

Dragon09 said...

Kinda feeling left out! Best I get my AintoG?

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