Monday, May 17, 2010

Evernote on the iPad

Evernote is a great website that comes with it's own App for iPhone/iTouch and iPad. So far it's been the most efficient and simple way of creating documents, editing them and syncing them to the web to easily use.

To use Evernote you need to create a free account with them. Evernote promotes itself as a way of collating bits and pieces, notes and things you love in one place, easily. Easily is definitely the keyword for Evernote. I've been really impressed with the simplicity of the App. Most students who have used it have been able to intuitively find their way around the App with little fuss. The one area students needed the most support with was with syncing - as this is a new concept for them.

The only disappointing factor so far with Evernote has been the inability to re-edit rich text notes after they have been created. So, if you create a note with audio attached to it you are unable to edit it without removing the audio first. (Though I did just try this again and it seems to be working now - fingerscrossed!)

The students seem to be impressed with Evernote and are slowly getting used to typing on it. One student noted though, as he was writing his story on the iPad, that it was much easier to do the 'peck and type' on the iPad than the traditional keyboard style typing they have been learning in class.

In a whole class lesson on Inferring, small groups of students used it to collate their ideas on Evernote and then sync it to the Web. This then allowed the students to view their ideas up on the whiteboard via the projector once they had synced to the web. The students loved this even though they had had experience with online whiteboards like wallwisher before via laptops. There continues to be a certain draw to the iPad, with students a bit worried that this is their last week with it in class!

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