Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPad Links & Articles

Clicker - For finding video via the iPad. Searches for iPad friendly video across the web.

Mobile Flickr - How the mobile site works for the iTouch range.

Teenage App Tycoons
- Interesting article about teenages making Apps that are allowed & not into the Apple App store for differing reasons.

Apple Controlling Your News - How Apple is controlling the content you can select and use via it's range.

iPad - Looking at some of the flaws

Move Files Between your Comp & iPad - MacWord (Still makes it seem harder than it could be!)

This is how Apple Rolls - Looking at how the Apple works and how the iPad is a beginning to some big changes and big ideas. Looking at the long term picture of where the iPad is heading.

Adobe blows Apple a Kiss
- Next stage in the apple/flash debate

Apple Creating a "Walled Garden" - Apple being selective about what it will and won't allow to be included in Design Kits and viewed via the web.

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