Monday, May 17, 2010

EduCamp 2010

EduCamp 2010 is coming up - it's the must attend event for those with an interest in ICT in education! Saturday July the 24th at Summerland Primary School is EduCamp 2010 - a day where you can come share ideas and learn in an open space with a variety of people and educators.

EduCamp is based on Unconference and Open-Space meeting philosophies:
  • We are all learners AND teachers.
  • The agenda is not set prior to event, those that attend are the right people and they will set the agenda on the day!
  • There is no set time for events - they begin and end as they are needed.
  • If you arrive at a session and it's not quite what you want, you are welcome to move on to another session! (The law of the feet!)
It's a great idea to sign up prior to the day so that people can link in with you and see what it is that you are interested in also. Helps with networking and finding people who may help you with what you want to learn and get from the day at EduCamp. For more information check out the Wiki and sign yourself up if you are going to attend - it's going to be another awesome day!

Speed Geeking at Unconference 2009
Image Courtesy of Fiona Grant

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