Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fotobabble on the iPad

Two of the best Websites that have an iPod/iPad App are Fotobabble and Evernote (more on Evernote later). I first heard about Fotobabble through Fiona Grant. Fotobabble is a quick and easy way for students to share the work that they create on the iPad with audio and upload it to the net to embed anywhere.

Students can create work on the iPad using a range of Apps such as the Martians App or any other drawing/photo App available. Once the image is stored in the iPad's photos it is accessible to the Fotobabble App.

Students simply select their image and then press the record button. Recording is allowed for short bursts of 30 seconds - which is the only drawback for somethings. Once they have recorded they can play back and listen to their work before deciding to publish it or re-record.

Once they have completed their recording a simple button push to save the work uploads it to the Fotobabble site. The interesting thing is that the students can view their Fotobabble via the list in the Fotobabble App but as soon as it is posted to the blog it cannot be viewed via the iPad because of the lack of Flash. See an example of a completed Fotobabble here.

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Podgorani said...

i notice that you can edit a google spreadsheet from ipad iphone, you cant edit a google doc tho... so therefore a fiddle with a spreadsheet may well be the workaround at the moment.. give it a try.. let us all know

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