Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collaboration & Sharing With The Community

One of the things that I really enjoy about being part of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the fact that everyone is so willing to share their ideas. That there is always an atmosphere of collaboration around, not just at a local level but at a Worldwide level. There is always a person around to share a tip, trick, lesson or link when needed.

Something I have been working on for a while is to create a wiki to place all my resources, lessons, links, presentations and more. So, as I slowly chip away at this, you are welcome to keep checking back and use anything that takes your fancy! Please just make sure that in the faith of Creative Commons that you recognise where you got something from and point people in the right direction! It's important that we all share our little bit with the community.

Thank you to all those wonderful people who are sharing and creating resources, wikis and blogs to share their ideas and knowledge with the educational community!

Image CC Flickr: Nicholaus Haskins

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MrsRichards said...

Thank you for helping me set up my blog!

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