Friday, March 13, 2009

Library Opening & The Multimedia Team

Yesterday was the opening of our brand new library at our school. It's amazing after many years of talk and planning to see it all up, running and ready to go. The kids are really buzzing about this new building at the heart of our school.

During the library opening ceremony I was priviledged to get to work with 6 of the Digikids who became our multimedia team for the day.

In our first session on Thursday they organised themselves into pairs and worked 2 video cameras and 2 digital cameras - each pair taking a video camera or the 2 digital cameras. We walked through the equipment - looked at what we needed to do to get it ready for the day - batteries, tapes, chargers, tripods, organising gear etc. The kids then headed outside and decided on spots around the library and auditorium that would be the best for filming or taking photos. It was really interesting to see some of them thinking a bit outside the square to get some good shots/angles and perspectives. A few of these students had never touched a digital video cameras before!

On the day of the opening the kids were buzzing about the opportunity to work as part of the team and were arriving at my class door even before the destined time of pick up. Once we had all our gear we headed off and got ready. For part of this we were in new locations so with some guidance the students quickly chose some new spots to film and take photos from. One of the students got themselves caught up in the Prime Ministers welcoming party by accident - some good learning curves will be taken away from today!

The opening ceremony went amazingly and the kids were stoked when John Keys (NZs Prime Minister) walked up to them and started asking about who they were, what they were doing and took part in a bit of general chit chat with them. A definite highlight from the day was getting their photograph with him.

The team is now working away to collate and edit all their footage and photos into 3 presentations/movies which will be displayed in school areas. Hopefully I will also be able to display the end products up here at a later date. It was an amazing opportunity to work alongside these students and I am looking forward to working more with them and picking up some Yr 4/5 students along the way to work with this team.

Photos Used Under CC
Top Image: My New Video Camera by Ezalis
Bottom Image:
Camera Face by Merry Face

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