Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keynote: Pam Hooks

Pam Hooks was Keynote #2 at Learning@School '09.
These are my notes from a great second keynote.

Learning only really happens with teaching and only happens at school <- challenge to this notion and idea. When it's not going well in the institution people think we should - get rid of school, rid of teachers, denial etc Teachers are people given authority by the institution...

ICTs allow young people to bypass the teacher altogether Should we tilt at schools without teachers - workshops and experts to develop passions - a school based on this theory

John Hattie - Visible Learning, 2009 - Read a part here

Who is the e-learning happening for? Does it harm some of the learning?

Technology distancing us

5 years - compulsory teaching - 20% not reaching this

No valid justification based on learning styles, brain learning etc

What are we critical of and what are we thinking about.

Using evidence to make learning happen.

Teacher as an activator rather than a facilitator. Shows more effectiveness as an activator than a facilitator .

What will it take to have a profession that moves from anecdote teaching to evidence teaching.

What is the best place to learn in?

GSCE in 60 minutes?

Kids assessment through identity - blog comment streams?

Clarity from the NZ Curriculum - wiki and nz curriculum wiki

Blurred ideas on what learning is - what is learning to the students?
How are we helping students look at themselves and where they are and where they are going next?

SOLO taxonomy - deep understanding. Explicit framework.
Model of learning for asTTle and e-asTTle

Not enough to understand the learning outcome - they must understand a common language of learning.

Placing and coding strategies against learning outcomes. SOLO.
Pick up ICTs and fitting them in after the learning is set.

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