Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breakout 2 - 5 Frame Storytelling

Today was a learning curve and an awesome oportunity all rolled in to one. I presented my first hands on session at a conference. It went pretty well and the feedback was positive, but there are many things I will take away from the session to improve from for the next session.

It was really cool to see 30 people who I didn't know and who were at different levels, go through the process and complete their own 5 frame stories.

Here are a few examples of stories completed in the session:

Don't Play On The Stairs
by Notsotiny
Don't Cry Wolf by ninabooth12
5 Frame by Kingbev65
Run Down By A Duck by jenniferf
Monkey Defies Gravity by swendt2009

Head along to the 5 frame group to see more of the images and discussions posted by those that attended. Take them back to class and use them with your kids!

There are heaps of resources up on my wiki including my presentation, links and downloads to support implementing 5 Frame Digital Storytelling in the class.

One of the points brought up in feedback was that it for those that were more competent it was hard for them to have to wait for others - this is a valid point. But unfortunately one that's hard to get around with handson presentations with a range of people. Any ideas in regards to this would be appreciated.

When I present again...

I won't be using sharetabs - this is a good tool to send multiple links but for those with multiple tabs they got a bit confused as to where they were and what window.

I will overplan - as I did - but try not to squash too much in. It's ok to leave some stuff out!

I will present with someone else, so that those who are more confident have a little less wait time as I make my way around.

All in all a great experience and I would encourage more people to take part in sharing their learning with others at upcoming conferences such as ULearn 09.

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keamac said...

Hi there
After I made a similar discovery during my hands on session at ULearn last year, the best I could come up with was to offer the workshop twice. What I thought was I could offer one tagged for beginners & one for those with more experience (trying to think of a suitable title here to use - not sure if I want to use "experienced"). I figured in tat way I could share with a wide range of people, yet have the session pitched to the needs of the group. I figured beginners would be those either with no knowledge of the tool what so ever, or maybe very new to ICT in general. The other group would be for those with some skills/ familiarity & it might even be worth surveying them before the conference to find out just what they can do.

What do you think?


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