Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tony Ryans Digital Pedagogies - Breakout #1

** People Bingo

The Hug Shirt - CuteCircuit and TIME Best invention 2006

The dialogue is the key.
Anything you need for the year will be at this conference - you just need to find out who that person is. The technologies are critical to be able to find those people.

** Clock Partners

The big 4 learning support frameworks:

Pedagogy is the hardest and therefore the weakness.

How is this going to look in 2012/2015 - This is a digital format.

Digital Curriculum
Digital Pedagogy
Digital Assessment & Reporting
Digital Learning Spaces

- How are we and what are we assessing with these collaborations that are happening?

Digital pedagogy
20th C - behaviourist/constructivist/cognitivist?
21st C - constructivist/meta-constructivist/connectivism?

Top thinkers working in a meta way - watching themselves in an outside manner and regulating and thinking about what is going on. Self-talk: what is going on here - what am i doing - what can i do etc

The Sky Is Blue - speaking in their head and saying this. Teaching this to students - being aware of self.

Connectivism is the most intriguing learning theory.

All in this together - digital environments are going to help this.

If you employ digital learning processes, they must advance student learning. Otherwise, why bother?

How does this advance the educational rigour?

It's all about the learning - the learning is first then other things are built in.
Sometimes you don't know that the tool will support the learning though.

Coding for the quality of each pedagogy

** Digital Pedagogies Sheet

Its not the application that drives the learning it's the elements
The core purposes/elements drive the learning

Key Competencies
- Consistent research
- Criteria sheet and code your practice
- Develop a range of quality teaching strategies and build them into daily practice

Practical Ideas For Everyday Teaching
- Focus on KC
- Develop a strategies matrix
- Introduce a strategy a week

Video yourself teaching - when was the last time you filmed yourself.

Inquiry Based Digital Applications
- A blog for explaining your thinking during a study
- Researching, creating and video that will get a million hits on youtube.
WSCH - Charlie Bit My Finger
- Music created from countries around the world

Travel experiences in 2nd Life
How has a blog impacted on life?

Essential Questions for the Key Competencies

younger people have more time
techno skillset in the Net Gen is variable
mindset is consistently supportive of new tech
ict embedded in learning - deeply
teacher-learning dynamic is changed

Tech Luddites
Negative view of technology

Tech Neutrals
Don't like to be pushed

Tech Initiators
Open mind to new possibilities

Changing with the Digital Times
Denial - its got nothing to do with me
Resistance - why do i have to go this?
Adaption - hmmm 'll give it a go
Involvement - hold me back

Similar to the grief process - new learning requires letting go of old ideas.

Stumple Upon

Sustaining things..
Ideas into practice

Clarify the 3 ideas / concepts / strategies that has most resonated with you so far today?

Coaching - teacher-teacher, teacher-students, students-students, blogs, etc

Sustaining GREAT practice
Savour the year

Conference handouts
Tony Ryan

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