Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Awesome Highlighter

A funky wee tool that I've come across lately is 'The Awesome Highlighter'. It is a simple to use, great site to use during Inquiry/Reading etc where you want the kids to be able to highlight information on a web page. It allows you to do this all online via the 1 site!

Head to 'The Awesome Highlighter' website and all you have to do is enter the name of the page you are looking to be able to highlight online.Once you've clicked the 'Highlight Page' button you'll be taken to your webpage with a handy navigation bar up the top. This bar allows you to change to 1 of 4 colours when highlighting and leave notes.

Once you've finished you click 'Done' and it will give you a page with the key ideas highlighted. It also gives you a link back to the page so you can locate where the highlighted text came from.

It provides the opportunity for the students to be able to email straight to you or copy to place on a class blog etc for sharing. There are multiple ways that the tool could be used in class and is a great springboard for work with kids on newspaper articles etc to share key ideas/vocab and so much more.


Belinda said...

Love this idea - it's really taken my fancy! I can see heaps of potential early next term when we are into the nitty gritty of our inquiry. Thanks for sharing yet again!

Regan Orr said...

Having followed you on Twitter for ages, I have finally taken the time to read your blog - excellent! There are many practical apps and sites that you have shared that are powerful for the classroom which will benefit learning and teaching. Am just going to try the highlighter one. Thanks!

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