Thursday, February 24, 2011

RSS Feed on iPads

Over the last week I've been trialling a number of RSS apps for the iPad. My main aim with these was to load all the school blogs into a RSS reader so the kids could easily navigate, read and comment on the blogs from the iPads.

During a search of many different RSS reader apps I came across Pulse. The first time I downloaded Pulse (back when we first got the ipads) I couldn't get it to do what I wanted and so off the iPad it came! In the search for a reader this week I came across it again and decided to give it another go. With a bit more playing and time I got to edit the parts I needed and it works perfectly!

The layout is simple to use and is easily edited with 5 headings that you can add your blogs to.
Each heading can be edited to allow you to customise your RSS feed pages. At the moment our Pulse reader is set up with Junior, Middle, Senior, Other and Cool Blogs as page headings.

The thing that I loved the most about this is that it didn't need a google account or any other login for it to work. Just choose your heading, type in the website - pulse would search for it and then you would select the feed you wanted and it was added to your page... simple!

Another bonus is that it's very kid friendly as it shows thumbnails of images in blog posts along with text which is a major advantage compared to some of the more text based rss readers I found.

So now on each iPad we will be able to have a simple and effective way of accessing our school blogs as well as some great blogs for the kids to read and comment on.

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