Sunday, May 2, 2010

iPad - First Play Thoughts and Findings

These are a few initial findings as I played with an iPad, looking at it from an classroom perspective.

There are already some great ways that I can see that the iPad could be used in the class. So far one big drawback that I can see is the lack of flash on websites. Blogging is an important aspect of my classroom - but on entering our class blog none of the video's or animoto slideshows would play, instead greeted by a large black square. This stops a wide range of media being played back to students via the blog. Also, coming from a background in interactive whiteboards, I can see how the touch technology will be a big hook for students.


Websites load quickly
No video content shows e.g. blogger video's, animoto's
YouTube video's show when embedded anywhere e.g. wiki's, websites etc
Will play at full size in good resolution
Good volume from youtube videos

Can play music in the background as you continue on with Apps
Easy to navigate

App Store
Can't access through the iPad as it's not the US Store.
Need to change the account to a US account - this is possible.

Homescreen is easy to navigate, arrange and delete Apps as you need them
Search function on first home screen to find Apps
Able to bookmark websites to your homescreen for easy access.

A lot of chances for connectivity between iPads with Apps
e.g. Being able to challenge friends with high scores and connect via Apps e.g. ArtLite and Whiteboard

More to come...

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Jennie said...

Wow thanks Amanda, awesome to read. I am really interested to have a go too. You have really done your homework. Keep me posted with how you use it in the classroom soon. Jen

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