Sunday, May 2, 2010

iPad - First Free Apps

Best Free Apps so far...

Students are able to read books that are already available within the App. The best part of this App lies in it's ability to be able to change or add to these stories. But also for the students to create their own stories that story on the shelf in the App for later reading. Inside the App the students are able to type, select images from their photo library and draw their own illustrations using the paint utility. Lots of great opportunities with this.

A cool wee App where students match up basic fact sums by popping matching balloons as they move around the screen. Had me hooked after the first play - you need to pay for the full App to get more than addition problems.

NoteTakerLite & Use Your Handwriting (UYH)
Both of these Apps are easy to navigate and allow you to take notes and store them so that you can order them and bring them up when necessary.

A great wee tool shown to me by Belinda Johnston. Two iTouches/iPad's "bump" together to exchange files easily. A simple way to pass files around from student to student.

GS Lite - Green screening
A simple tool for green screening photos.

Other notable Apps..

FreddyFraction - Fraction game for kids
FilterStorm - Amazing image editing suite
iStudiez Lite
"2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category!"
A way for students to timetable in their days
A collaborative whiteboard that shows on each of the iPads.
Toy Story
A read along for kids with a range of other activities as well as a record story feature.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids think of these Apps also. I can see some good potential from a range of them. If you have any other great Apps that you are using across iTouch/iPad's feel free to leave a comment to share your great finds!

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