Monday, May 31, 2010

500 Photographers

Photographs from the series 'Evidence of things unseen' by Photographer #40 Simen Johen

500 Photographers is a weblog by Pete Wisse that aims to document 5 photographers over 100 weeks to collect 500 of the most stunning photographers from across the globe.

I have to say, he's doing a pretty amazing job so far. The project is in it's early days at photographer number 40, but already we have been exposed to some brilliant photographs. If you are into photography or just interested in amazing images, this is a blog to add to your RSS reader and keep an eye on.

Photographs from the series 'Landings' by Photographer #26 Branislav Kropilak


Anonymous said...

Great tip! Puts my shots to shame (but gives me something to aspire to, too;-)

Ms F said...

Thanks I will have to have a look at that site as I am looking for inspirational photos for my uLearn slideshow!

Miss Signal said...

Hey Ms F - It would pay to check with the images and make sure you are using creative commons images for your presentations rather than copyrighted images. I have a few blog posts about creative commons to help get you started if you're not sure about it
and also which gives you a good search function to use. Flickr also offers the ability to search for CC images through its advanced search feature.

Then all you do is add a page at the end of your presentation with links to the pages (the attribution). Amanda

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