Saturday, January 23, 2010


MacAppStorm is an amazing website to keep an eye on if you are a mac lover. They do excellent reviews and preview up and coming mac based applications. Today one caught my eye called Threadsy. Luckily MacAppStorm were giving away 500 beta invites to Threadsy - so I signed myself up.

Threadsy integrates your email and social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook at present) into one easy to use window. It's easy to track tweets/conversations, easy to navigate and for the hour I've been using it I am impressed! :)

Twitter refreshes quickly and you can easily navigate to a user to reply, retweet, direct message and see their profile. All in the same window. One feature that I absolutely love is the way that youtube links play straight in the twitter stream. You can easily view and play it from within the person's tweet and still access a full size version as well.

For email you are able to complete all the normal email tasks - reply, forward, read and delete your emails. You can choose a number of ways to view your email through a list or quick view, where it gives you a snippet of the email. I use gmail, which allows your to 'star' important messages. I was delighted to see that these transfer into Threadsy and it also allows you to star new messages inside Threadsy. It seems as though all aspects of email have been considered and applied to Threadsy.

At present I'm only using this for gmail and twitter, but I am keen to give Facebook a whirl as well to see how easily it integrates the 3. There is a sound setting that you can set to notify you of new notifications but this is easily removed. I will be playing with it a bit more and am interested to see if it will takeover from my Tweetie application for twitter. For now, I'm loving the all-in-one integration!

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