Saturday, November 7, 2009

Google Wave Is More Fun With 1

I was lucky enough to get a google wave invite from google a few weeks back and while i've endeavoured to tinker with it a bit, it's pretty much just kind of sat there waiting... such a shame. But last night Allanahk announced she was looking for people to figure out what on earth this google wave thing was all about (same place i'd been for a while!) So Keamac and I jumped to this call and got on to google wave.

Don't get me wrong.. you don't need to be online with the person to google wave at all. But for this first chance to play around and experiment it was quite helpful as I found we were bouncing off each other when we found new tools and things to do. As google wave works in real-time, this was extremely handy! With google wave there are tonnes of things to do! We found maps, quizzes, links and embeds within a range. Later on in the night in another google wave session with Dragon09 we also discovered what the gadgets are - more on that later!

So far, I am pretty impressed with the way google wave works (once I figured it out). It's a bit slow and clunky at times and I find that it doesn't mark read messages too well - but this is a preview version and it's all about the feedback at the moment. Have had one chance so far to provide feedback to google when things went a bit haywire - they were very quick on the ball, with a pop up window asking for what happened etc.

I'll be posting a bit more on google wave soon.

Here's a couple of quick overviews of google wave which I quite liked...

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