Saturday, July 25, 2009


Mumbleboy sent a link out on twitter to the Kuroshio Aquarium video - the 2nd largest aquarium in the world. While the intro image is pretty amazing, it wasn't the aquarium that I liked but the use of Quietube.

Quietube allows you to take a Youtube video and remove all the comments and other "crap" (as they say) from around the video and leave you with a white simple page around the youtube video. The main quietube page says that it also supports vimeo, viddler and the BBC iPlayer.

All you do is drag the small bookmarklet tool onto your bookmarks bar and then when you have a you tube video that you want to 'quieten' you click on the quietube bookmarklet and it changes your youtube link into a nice simple quietube page that you can then send on.

A pretty handy tool if you are like me and use You Tube a lot in your class!

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Allanah K said...


@pj23harry had shown me the video a while back. It was magic in full screen high quality. I love that you can get rid of 'extras' in YouTube.

I love their 404 error message as well.

I'll use this one a lot.



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