Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unconference Notes - May 9th

Twitter - The Basics
Create a network
Share in conversations
Share links

Blogs - Connecting and creating an audience

Hyperlinking - link to others in your blogs
Digtal Footprints - Leave your link everywhere
Sidebar Traffic - Link to others in your blog
Participate in Conversations
Subscribe to the RSS comment feed
Teaching the etiquette of commenting - thank yous, comments and leaving questions
Send out emails - Signature - leave your url
Postdate your content over the holidays (post options in blogger)
Stop waiting - just post.
Photos of what is happening with captions
Tracking - follow the links to your blogs
Be a proud kiwi - have a point of difference
Use Twitter - publicise your updates
Linking to your blog:
< href ="Red = the URL
Blue = The words you want people to click on
(Leave space between A HREF - take away other spaces)
Google Analytics
Have your profile - who? what? where? why?
Teachertube vs flickr vs youtube videos
Visitors, newspapers etc - pass on links to your pages
Be careful about widgets etc as they may not show in some schools
Blogger - followers bow - push to the bottom, doesn't show for some schools

Mega 25

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