Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday I had a chance to work with an awesome group of student teachers (that's another post altogether) for an hour on what was supposed to be Interactive Whiteboards. But while there we got sidetracked down many e-Learning roads.

One of them being Twitter.

Most had heard of it, unsurprisingly as it seems to be the new buzz word. Radio stations and tv shows have adopted the 'Top 5 Tweets' for the day segments and more. What I enjoyed about this was sharing the idea that Twitter wasn't just about sharing what I had had for dinner or trying to find help to pick my outfit of the day. It was about sharing the philosophy and idea of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) that extends further than the boundaries of our particular schools. It was about having a community of like-minded and keen individuals who even though you may not know some of them - who support you (and vice-versa) day after day .

Unfortunately during the time they only had the chance to see one response to my twitter request, but by 30 minutes or so later, there were around 23 responses from around the world.

Below are just some of them... thank you. :)


Moturoa said...

Nice Amanda,

Only ten minutes ago I tweeted that I was showing my principal it was all about. A couple of replies hot back as quick as lightning. Impressive stuff. Now he has a much better idea of what I am talking about.

Allanah K

Manaiakalani said...

Sounds like they have been very fortunate to have this session with you as part of their training :) I would be very interested to hear the rest of the story you hinted at ....


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