Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Somedays I realise just how far I have gotten from where I originally was.

I know that I have gotten there because of how hard I have worked. Because I want to make things happen and because of the conversations with people along the way.

But some days, I do wonder...
Was it worth the effort to get to the place I am now?

What would have happened if I spent more time on my graphics drawings to make them like my teacher said they should be. Would I be living the life I am now? What conversation did my teacher have with other teachers to make sure that what was being said to me would benefit me and my life?

The conversations are important.
They are powerful.

So why can't it be about conversations, rather than rights and wrongs?
Communication with you is a way of sorting out if what I am doing is what is right for my students.

Nothing to do with failure.

It's about movement.

Image under cc: mischiru

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