Monday, August 15, 2016

Education: Next Generation - Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn - Encouraging Collaboration rather than Competition 
Education Next is a free online conference that brought together a range of leaders in thinking and pedagogy.  Below are key notes from Alfie Kohn's presentation around the concept of collaboration and schooling.

- Reflective Rebels
- Creating their own questions as educators, rather than imposed curriculum
- Powerful, responsive and thinking learning vs passive learning
- Starting with questions, problems and projects vs facts, skills and separate disciplines
- Students involved in curriculum
- Empowering kids to look at institutional changes and looking at changing structures, rather than acquiring skills and fitting in to norm
- Fixing the kids to fit the system e.g. skills to fit the system and navigate it
- Challenging and changing
- Asking questions about the system itself, the system and what changes need to be made
- Navigating away from a 'fact based' curriculum
- Responsive to needs vs planned pathways and 'canned' ways of 'managing'
- Punish/reward = control
- Who are your networks/colleagues/relationships that will support rebellious thought and reflect on research/concepts/thinking to make shifts in practice that are student central

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