Thursday, May 8, 2014

BYOD in the Classroom

At the BYOD day in the holidays I had the pleasure of presenting with my colleague Jessicca Vidal on BYOD in the Classroom.

During the session we shared the organisation of our classrooms and where the design for our classrooms comes from.  We then shared how to support students with BYOD, why we choose particular tools and how to get underway with BYOD in the classroom.  During the final part of our presentation we shared some examples of different tools we use to support learning.


Anonymous said...

A great presentation. I would have liked to have come to it.

I am about to do two days of BYOD training with Microsoft- sure to be interesting.


Miss Signal said...

Thanks Allanah! It was a great presentation as it's always good to be working alongside Jess! Was good to catch up briefly - you are a busy lady.

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