Thursday, May 2, 2013

Evernote - #byod2013


MrA said...

Really enjoyed that thanks!

MrA said...

That was great thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your session.

I really like your iRead idea. Just a quick question. After your children record themselves reading in Camera how do you get this on to Evernote?
I can add photos from my photostream but not videos?

Also, can you attach an Evernote link to a class webpage?

Thank you in advance.

Heymilly said...

Thanks for your comment, glad to know it was helpful. iRead happens just through the audio recording function that happens on the Evernote apps. It's not through video, so I haven't tried this. The kids that record iRead via video tend to put these on the server rather than Evernote.

In regards to the link - yes you can do this. Within Evernote all your need to do is publish the page and then you can use the URL to post it to your blog/website etc. If you google this it's easy to find the instructions but I will also do a blog post about this in the near future.

Many thanks, Amanda

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