Saturday, July 24, 2010


Summerland Primary hosted EduCamp 2010, which is an unconference styled day where participants who turn up decide on the content and direction of the day as it rolls through. It's an event that has been on my calendar for a while and it didn't fail to disappoint. The day was filled with lots of learning, collaborations, conversations and definite Aha! moments for all involved. It was great getting to meet more edutwitterers face 2 face and have some brilliant conversations.

The morning started with the Smackdown sessions - 3 minute presentations from a range of people all sharing tools, good practice and inspiration. Wallwisher provided a starting point to collate each of the ideas which people then stood up to talk about. As the Smackdown progressed more and more people participated in the sharing. A fantastic way to connect with people as it gave you a view of who was around and available to talk to on the day. Some amazing ideas were shared and the Wallwisher remains as a fantastic resource.

The day then broke up in to a range of sessions and workshops all decided on the day by the people who were there. There was a fantastic range of people across all the education sectors from Early Childhood to Tertiary, which is one of the reasons that EduCamp is such a fantastic day. No limits and No boundaries to who can be there and be involved! It was also great to see that there were many followers via the hashtag (#EduCampNZ) on Twitter.

Over the course of the day people had the chance to geocache, digistore, google, blog, wiki, RSS, discuss, share, collaborate on a range of tools and so much more. A group of junior teachers have established a wiki were they are going to share resources and ideas for the junior class.

A BIG thank you needs to go out to ACES and also Fiona Grant and Dorothy for organising and plotting a lot of the big ideas that got the day up and running.

Here's an AnswerGarden about the day that Cheesynz created!

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Tania said...

Awesome opportunity to share stories and ideas with teachers from across the sector - I have also posted on EdCampNZ on our Early Years Blog -
Great to catch up and look forward to more discussions.

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