Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ERA3 Schools Tour - John Paul College

John Paul College is situated in Daisy Hill, Brisbane. An independent school that caters for K-12 students within a massive campus. At JPC the students from Year 4 work on 1:1 notebooks also. This was the final stop on our schools tour on Monday and what an amazing place to finish the day. Once again there seems to be a big movement in the Secondary sectors to move towards more flexible learning spaces. Some of the ideas and designs here were amazing and showed that the students were at the core of the decision process for the designs.

The main highlights for me at JPC were:
* The whiteboard tables and cupboard facings - flexible spaces for students to work and group work together.
* The Arc - An covered outdoor area with inbuilt speaker system into the roof.
* The primary classes that utilised the outdoor areas into the classroom spaces.
* The senior common library that had been organised by genre rather than author's last name. Also the library had a large percentage of front facing books. The librarian stated that they had had around an 80% uptake in borrowing since these 2 changes were made to the library.
* The senior common room's use of flexible learning spaces and a range of high/low learning areas. The use of portable screens that the students could hook their laptops up to for group work was a great idea as well.

These and more can be seen in the photo's below.

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Pete Hall said...

I'm amazed by how well you see things and apply them in your own class. Can't wait to see what you do with all you take away from the experience.

Hope you're having a great time!

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