Tuesday, May 4, 2010

iPad - Day 2

Today it seemed like the iPad was shinier than the day before. The kids were all keen to gather around it and watch people play on Apps or point out things that they had learnt the day before.

We are still getting through the last of the students to have their play on the iPad.

My initial hopes of getting the kids to create written collaborative work using google docs has been dashed after a suggestion from Allanah K that google docs couldn't be edited on the iPad. I log in to google docs and find.. no students can't edit work. This is a real shame, as it would have been an awesome tool to have on the iPad. Will have to go back to the plan of downloading Pages etc for the iPad for the students to create written work and presentations on.

So far, from what the students say I can tell that the interactive nature of the iPad is a real hit. The touch screen technology is what sets it apart from the laptops. The Apps seem to have the right blend of SISOMO that capture the kids also. The kids also quickly learnt that if they want video - they go to the Youtube App.

Tomorrow is cross country so we'll see how we go with getting on the iPad. I am hoping to record some more of the kids reflections but Thursday we are going to kick in with our challenge and see how the kids go.

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