Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Delicious in the Class

One of the ways that I organise computer time for students is by utilising the website Delicious. It's a simple concept - take the idea of bookmarks that you keep on your desktop and broaden it out so that your bookmarks are available anywhere you have internet access. Your bookmarks are accessible via a url - like this -> http://delicious.com/hey.milly.

I've been using delicious as a way of organising my own links and sharing links through conferences for a few years. Last year I started using this in the class also and the kids quickly got a hang of it. This year with my Year 4 class I am also using the same idea - they have also quickly figured out how to access and use their delicious page.

The first thing I do is set up a class delicious account e.g. http://delicious.com/twelve2010 that the students access to get their bookmarks. I start with one curriculum area and teach the basics of how to access it and find the links you want.

The great thing about Delicious is that when you add a link into your account you can tag the link with a keyword. For example if I took the link Questionaut I could tag it as several different areas like thinking, problem solving, maths and more depending on where you wanted to keep it.

As you create your own tags this allows you to easily tag links for specific groups, curriculum areas or teaching points that you are working on with the students.

When students come to work on the computer - their taskboard will pinpoint the tag that they will look for when they get to Delicious e.g. Addition This also gives the students some ownership in choosing tasks that they feel confident with and need to work on. There are also a range of websites that the students can use to develop that teaching point or need.

Currently I am the only one adding links to the delicious, but would like to move forward to the kids finding great sites and being able to share them or add them to the class Delicious page.


Pam Thompson said...

I also use delicious with my class. I've had a class account for just over a year & the students have taken to it really well. Even students in other classes have started using it once they know that we have bookmarks there that will be useful to them.

I haven't got to the stage where the students have a log in & tag their own bookmarks, but a number of them email me web sites for me to add to our account.

Parents love it too as it eliminates the need for the kids to do lots of google searching, plus they know that I've vetted the sites first.

Mrs P said...

Have had a look and went onto your room's delicious account, this would be far easier that creating all those links, tables etc on knet. Think this could be a term 2 holiday job. Your tags are easy to follow as well

Ms F said...

Thanks Hey Milly. As usual I am in awe of you and all you do and achieve with your kids. You are such an inspiration.
I am so into Delicious now I can't believe it's taken me so long. I feel now that I've been using KNET for 3 years that there is much more out there which doesn't cost as much and whilst I really value KNET with all its potential there is the very real risk in schools that some if not most do not use it to its full capacity. I wonder if it's worth the money without the knowledge, understanding and commitment to full utilising the tool? Anyway back to Delicious - I don't think I would be able to use it with my Year 0/1 children so am sticking with my wiki http://msfjunior.wikispaces.com/ but can definately see the potential for older children. Thanks again!

Miss Signal said...

Thanks for the Ms F... too kind! I am working with the classroom next door to start a class delicious account with them. They are a Year 2 class with a lot of ESOL students - so I will let you know how we get on. I think it could work with younger students by placing the link on the bookmark bar and then using very simple tags. Next to the group name I always write the tag that they need to find so that students can find them.

I love your wiki - it's a great way for you to build up those links that you will use. The visuals make it highly effective for younger students too!

KNet is always a hard one. I feel that it has good uses, but yes it's a lot of money for something that is utilised by few often. Like anything - the PD and time needs to be given so that it can become an effective learning tool in classes. It comes down to the school and the people using it I guess!

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