Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogger in Draft: Template Designer

Blogger in Draft is a space where you can try out the new features of blogger before they are added to Blogger. It's a space where blogger can test and trial features with audience feedback and to work out any bugs there might be.

One feature that has been quite lacking in Blogger is the template section. Whenever you create a new blog the first thing a lot of people ask is "can I change this background thing!" So off you go to btemplate etc and find new templates.

But Blogger in Draft has just released a new blogger template designer, where you have the ability to easily design your own blogger template to the specifications that you want. It's quite simple to use and the navigation is really clear and easy to follow.

You have the ability to change nearly all of the bits and pieces in your template right through to text colour and background images. I like the ability to choose how many columns and gadget bars you want - often you find a great template but it's not got the gadget space you need or it's got too many! One thing I couldn't find was where I could change my post text colour... will have to keep tinkering.

My favourite thing about the template designer though is the ability to change the width of the post boxes and the gadbet bar. You can slide along and choose whether you want a wider or narrower box to post all your work into.

It's also good to see a variety of background images that are available for people to use. Blogger in Draft says that there are 15 new templates as part of this - which there are. But also remember that there are 4 actual templates and then a few versions of each one that make up the 15 new templates. It would also be really nice to see a more photography based template available as part of this. As a keen photographer there is a lack of fantastic photography based templates available freely - if this was a part of the template designer I would be a very happy blogger!

So, head to Blogger in Draft and have a go yourself - I just used one of my trial blogs that I try stuff out on, to have a go and play around. See for yourself what you think and let me know.


Manaiakalani said...

We have been thrashing this last month since we heard about it and our kids are very happy to feel that they can personalise their blogs a bit more. The one thing lacking for us is the ability to upload your own choice of image for the background, but they say they are working on that - so we will be getting amongst that as soon as we get word it is available.
I have been a little cautious because many blog template designers remove all your links/history/traffic analysis etc and send you back to square one. So fay we have not had any problems with B in Draft.

Mrs P said...

How timely Amanda, was chatting to Victoria tonight and complaining about my template and not being able to see my posts because they are too wide etc and am over the twirly fancy stuff - just want something that I don't have to squint to read, so will definitely give it a burst this weekend. Thanks for the tips. Kathy

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