Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 in 2010

NZchrissy is always inspiring me... she is one of the first people I met outside of my school through twitter/blogging and I have continually loved the passion she has for things. She's inspired me again!

The 365 challenge is a simple one - take 1 photo a day and share it.

I started this last year but stopped after day 92. This year I am more determined to complete the 365 days. For me it is more about documenting my year and being able to have a look back at what I have done & where I have been over the year. Intertwined in this is my passion for photography - I am hoping to improve with my photography skills also. People take part in this challenge for different reasons!

It's never too late to start - so pick up a camera, sort out your blog or flickr and get get started! There are a lot of people who have taken on board the challenge - head over to my 365in2010 blog and check out the blogroll to see what people are up to. Already there has been a strong start with some gorgeous photos!

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