Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fun Theory

Catching up on my blogs (can't you tell) I came back across a post from Naketa that I loved the first time and have loved everytime after that. It's a Volkswagen initiative called The Fun Theory. It's based on the concept that if we make the mundane more fun - people might do it more. Here are two examples:

Walking Stairs:

Recycling Bottles:

Picking Up Rubbish:

I think this is a great concept. Naketa has talked about challenging her kids to see what mundane tasks can be made more fun... I wonder what my class could come up with? They have a competition that is open til the 15th December where you can enter your ideas and the top ten entries will be revealed. First place offers 2500 Euros too!


Manaiakalani said...

I really enjoyed watching those videos - they were fun:) Thanks for posting them. And the challenge to our teaching they represent.

Pam Thompson said...

I love these videos. I'm glad I came across your post in my feedly as I'd forgotten that I'd downloaded these. I think I'll show them to the kids this week - think they'll enjoy them.

Angela said...

I love this theory!
What a great idea to see what kids can come up with.. might have to put that into the last couple of weeks activities :)

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