Monday, November 9, 2009

Digital Storytelling: Music & Visualisation

Pam Thompson posted this link up on twitter today and from the moment I saw the post I fell in love with the concept. Basically the concept is a simple one. Take a piece of music and create the images to work with the lyrics - take still shots and turn it into a music video... ta da!

I have a class that loves drawing. One boy in particular has a real passion for it and it's something I can use as a hook for getting him to complete a range of tasks. His favourite reading strategy is visualisation - creating an image in your head based on what you read. It's a great strategy as you get to see all sorts of amazing things come out when the students draw what is happening in the text as they read.

A fabulous idea and one that I would like to transfer into Reading towards the end of the term (if there's time!) In class the students have been looking at the poem Jabberwocky. It would be great to get a group of students to record themselves reading the poem, draw their visualisations of it and turn it into a movie of the poem. There is one group in particular I can see this working really well with as it would work towards their goals of visualisation and expression in their reading. Fingerscrossed there is time to make this happen!

In the meantime watch these examples:

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Pam Thompson said...

Love the idea of using poetry reading to create movie. There should be a heap of poems that could lend themselves to this activity.

Thanks for the idea! :-)rendsed

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