Sunday, November 8, 2009


On The Mac.AppStorm site today I found an iPhone application called Balloons. I would LOVE to use this in the classroom with students. It's a fairly basic concept, but one that I think would really hook kids in to writing and geography.

The concept is simple - you choose a balloon, write a message and then set it free. You can catch other people's balloons and see where they have ended up. Each message records when and where the balloon has been with room for the 'catcher' to leave a message with photos and text. You can choose to be anonymous or leave a name. When you set a balloon free you can track it and see whether it's still flying, popped and how many messages have been added to it.

There is a lite version (which doesn't do the tracking) for free and a full version for $2.99 from the iTunes store. I would love to hear from anyone that has used in the class!

Check out the video below to get a better understanding:

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