Monday, October 12, 2009

ULearn '09 - Breakout 7: Visual Language

Breakout 7 (or the graveyard shift) was my Visual Language workshop. During this workshop we covered a large range of ideas. From basic digital photography skills, elements and angles. Through to Creative Commons, practical websites for classroom use and ideas to help the 1 camera classroom work.

The largest part of this presentation shared some ways visual language can be developed/integrated in the classroom and used as part of an effective oral and/or written language programme. The major focus looked at the use of digital photography - both student and web based images. But also shared forward steps with looking at silent animations such as Kiwi or Carried Away.

It was great to see the people involved sharing their ideas and participating in the group/peer activities to share their thoughts - we had some enthusiastic people! We also had a few people who shared things that had worked well for them in the class - this was great for a collaborative feel to the breakout!

Head over to my wiki - Click on Presentations and then ULearn '09 and the Through The Lens title to see the presentation. (Or click on any of the links above!)

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