Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ways & Tips To Use Your IWB

A wee while ago the marvellous Tom Barrett started his "21 ways and tips for using your interactive whiteboard in your class."

I took part in this collaborative google presentation by adding some ideas and you can too (see the end of the presentation for more). Today I came across it again and am glad to see that it has expanded to 41 ways! So check it out and have a look as there are some great ideas and tips that can easily be implemented whether you are a new or experienced IWB user.


Ms F said...

This is really neat. I have seen a few new ideas of things I am not doing yet but am keen to try. I especially like the idea of recording the handwriting lesson and I'm going to try that tomorrow! I am glad you've saved this to your blog so I know where to come when I want some more ideas! This is a great way of sharing especially when there aren't lots of opportunities for PD! Thanks

Ms F said...

Ooh am also very keen to try the double tap as my children (year 0/1) are not great at click and drag! Am very keen to see if this is a better alternative.

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