Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Forms

As part of blooms taxonomy self-guided reading comprehension tasks the students have undertaken creating a survey/quiz using google docs. I was really keen to see the direction the students would undertake with the questions that they would ask. In particular, whether they would be strictly knowledge based questions or delve deeper into questioning and asking peoples opinions and ideas on their topic of robots. For these students their reading goals focus around deeper understanding of the text and being able to evaluate and draw their own opinions based on the texts. On repeating this task I will be looking to see how their questioning changes and evolves.

The students found using the google forms simple to do and after a quick lesson on where the basics were, the first student was underway and completed by the end of the reading session. I created a simple how to sheet for the students to follow which prompts them to email me the form once it is completed. Was fantastic to see that one of the first responses from the student was to post it to their class blog.

I'm sure they would love to have you take part, so please click here to answer their quiz!

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