Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Using Wordle

Today I used Wordle with my students during Oral Language in the morning. The students have just come back from a long weekend - 4 days, the lucky things!

Wordle is great for collating a group of words or piece of writing etc to see the frequency of different words. When the wordle is published the more frequent words are the biggest words.

During Oral Language I asked them to share, with a partner, two things that they did while on their long weekend. At the next instruction I asked them to boil their entire 4 days down to 2 words.

1 word to explain something that they did.
1 word to explain somewhere they went.

We then snaked through the classroom with each student sharing their two words from their weekend with the class as we typed them in. We created our wordle and then chose colours for it as a class and presented it on our class blog.

Click here to see our Wacky Weekend Wordle!


Moturoa said...

Makes a great change from writing a story about what we did in the holidays!

Allanah K

Pam Thompson said...

What a wonderfully simple but creative idea! I love it! I can see many ways in which you could use this strategy. Thanks for sharing.

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