Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sharetabs In The Class

In previous years I have used a class delicious account to set up links for students as a way of keeping track of our favourite links and supporting learning time online.

At the moment I am trialling using sharetabs in the class to support literacy and numeracy work during these times. I have set up a sharetabs page for each one for the week. I have then posted these to the class blog which is the portal we will use for accessing these links.

Sharetabs allows you to establish a set of links that people can access through using just 1 link. It then opens all the links in one window by setting up tabs (see picture or this link for a numeracy example). This allows the students some structure to the tasks while being able to choose the best activity for them.

I think I might find that work-wise delicious is the best option, as it can be used year after year. But it is worth an experiment. Will ask the kids in a few weeks which they like the best and go from there!

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