Friday, February 27, 2009

Keynote: Wesley Fryer

Wesley Fryer

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Sir Ken - Do schools kill creativity / website



Connected Lives:
How do we measure this?

Connectedness - unbelieveable access
What are the sides and signs of our connected lives?
- Skype - Facebook - Cell phones etc

How different is our ability to access information now.
Being able to utilise a range of devices.

Predominant learning tools available:
teacher etc...

This is changing...
ipods, cell phones, laptops/computers,

XO laptops

K12 Online Conference

Clay Shurky - Here comes everybody

History is no longer in the hands of historians - we can do our own history recording.
This brings up a new debate.

Believing more than one source.

Friedman - The World Is Flat
There is change - where the world work force is heading.

Pursuit of creativity. State Of Creativity

Celeste - participating in class

Digital witness - empowering our kids to do things not just for an assignment

Kids Creating Community Content

Fixing schools by looking at the wrong things.
It's not just about assessment.

High stakes testing is not the answer - destructive approach.

Question Assumptions

embrace hyperlinked writing/learning
Langwitches: post on hyperlinked writing

Blended learning
Use the ICTs to accomplish the learning

Transformative uses
Not limit our uses

Providing catalysts - photos of the day
Erin - wiki / blog

Revolution in learning.
Being a part of the learning revolution.
Not traditional ways - taking this past.

Relationships are more important that then gadgets.

Streaming Wes

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